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District Commissioners Overview


Commissioners are a unit's first line of help in Scouting. They will find answers to all your Scouting questions. There are a number of different types of Commissioners.

Each unit (pack, troop, and crew) should have a Unit Commissioner. Your Unit Commissioner should be your unit's resource to help your unit be it's best. There are also Roundtable Commisioners. They develop and present the program and training at our District monthly roundtables.

The Assistant District Commissioner or ADC supports the Unit and Roundtable Commisssioners. Each ADC provides the support and backup help for the other Commissioners. The leader of the ADC's is the District Commissioner.

The District Commissioner is our District's leader of the Commissioner Staff and with the Assistant District Commissioners (ADC's), whom work to make sure your unit has the best possible Commissioner to help with your unit's program. The District Commissioner is also one of the our District's Key 4 Leaders. Eagle Rivers Key 4 leaders are District Commissioner, District Committee Chair, Asst. District Committee Chair, and District Executive.

To volunteer or to find your Commissioner, contact the District Commissioner or District Executive listed in the District Directory.



Commissioner Recognition



Trained Commissioner

Scouter's Training Award
Scouter's Training Award Commissioner's Key Distinguished Commissioner Award Doctorate of Commissioner Science Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service




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