Sunday, November 18, 2018

Fund Raising at the Unit and District Level


Scout registration fees do not pay for running the Scouting program in our council. The camps, the leader training materials, and other Council activities rely on fund raising that we coordinate at the district level. Fund raising is especially important in these difficult economic times. However, it seems that people are more interested than ever in supporting Scouting.

Note that the district does not raise money on its own behalf. The district does not have funds or a budget. The cost of district events, except for training, are generally covered by participation fees.

There are three major fund raising activities coordinated by the district and the council.

  • Popcorn sales - takes place in early fall & early spring
  • Family Friends of Scouting - kicks off in early winter
  • Community Friends of Scouting - kicks off in late fall

The first two, popcorn sales and Family FOS, take place at the unit level.

In popcorn sales, Scouts sell popcorn to friends and neighbors, either by taking orders or by direct sales. The Scout's unit receives a portion of the sales, as does the Council.

In Family FOS, we ask the parents and relatives of youth members to contribute to Scouting. The district and council establish goals for each unit. The goals are generally based on previous levels of contribution. If a unit makes its goal, it receives special benefits (for example, the Council provides the unit with free advancement awards for the year).

The third major activity, Community FOS, contacts businesses and key citizens in the community and asks them to support Scouting. A centerpiece of this is the "Million Dollar Day" in the late fall, where we invite key citizens to a special event.

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