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Venturing Leader Training


The leadership training philosophy of the Boy Scouts of America is to provide adult leaders with fundamental information about the aims and purposes of the movement, as well as specifics about their particular role in Scouting. Adult leaders in Scouting need certain basic information in order to bring a quality program to Scouts. This information is needed as soon as possible after a leadership position is assumed. To that end, training in Scouting is divided into four levels: Orientation/Fast Start Training, Basic Training, Supplemental Training, and Advanced Training.

Venturing Leader Fast Start

The Venturing Fast Start guide shows how using the program planning process can get Venturing programs off to a successful start. It also provides helpful information for the first meeting between Advisors and youth. Also available is the Venturing Crew Orientation that explains the Venturing program and details the leadership roles of crew youth officers and the crew Advisor.

Basic Training

The number of components included in basic training depends on the specific leadership position held. Leader-specific training is designed to prepare them for the opportunities and responsibilities related to their leadership position in the program.

Venturing Leader Specific Training

This training is designed to introduce adult Venturing leaders to the basic information needed for operating a crew. This includes (1) Here's Venturing, (2) Understanding and Protecting Youth, (3) Leadership and Organization, (4) Advancement, and (5) Resources and Program Planning. The course can be held in several different formats totaling approximately four hours,

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

This course is a hands-on training program to give adult leaders the practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in the Outdoors. Imagine having hands-on knowledge about setting up a campsite, pitching a tent, hiking, outdoor cooking - all the skills necessary to see the outdoor program of the Boy Scouts of America come to life. The course is a day long.

Supplemental Training

Some of the methods touched upon in basic training are treated in greater depth in supplemental training courses. Some courses are held on a regular basis as a continuing source of information. Since supplemental training is intended to enrich the leaders' experience, there are no prerequisites although supplemental training is not a substitute for completing basic training.

Sea Badge

An advanced weekend training conference for Sea Scout Leaders that is conducted on a regional basis or region approved council invitational basis.

Powder Horn

Powder Horn Training is a training opportunity designed to expose the Venturing or Boy Scout leader to activities and resources necessary to operate a successful Venturing Ranger Award or Troop High Adventure program. This training includes six days of instruction.

Youth Protection Training

Child abuse is an increasingly serious, widespread problem in society, affecting every ethnic group, socioeconomic level, and geographic area. The Boy Scouts of America has developed Youth Protection training to prepare its leaders to help children who have been, or are being, abused.

The training program includes information for parents, as well as age appropriate videos for youth members. Materials may be used in Pack, Troop or Den meetings to show Scouts and their parents what they should do to prevent abuse from happening to them.

Every leader in Scouting must complete Youth Protection training. The Council requires that at least one adult accompanying the unit on any outing must be Youth Protection trained in order to obtain a Tour Permit.

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is advanced training in leadership skills for all adults in BSA programs. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, Venturing, and commissioner service are invited to participate in Wood Badge.

Online Learning Center

The BSA Online Learning Center provides a variety of materials, from quick references to complete courses, all designed to help our members improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program.
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