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District Recognitions


The Eagle River District recognizes a number of deserving leaders throughout the district.  There are a number of awards the district presents.

  • Outstanding Unit Scouter
  • District Award of Merit
  • District Chair's Award
  • District Commissioner's Award
  • District Executive's Award 

Outstanding Unit Scouter


The origins of the Outstanding Unit Scouter Award come from the old LaCroix District.  Because there were so many leaders at the unit level that were provide such outstanding service to their unit, it was seen very important to recoginize these leaders.  So the LOUSA (LaCroix Outstanding Unit Scouter Award) was born.  In 2000, districts in Indianhead Council were re-aligned and the Eagle Bluff disrict was formed.  The Outstanding Unit Scouter Award was continued.  

Now Eagle River recognizes the same type of unit leaders for there outstanding service to their units.  Each unit (Packs, Troops, and Crews) can nominate one unit leader for this recognition awarded at the annual District Recoginition Dinner.


Kenneth LaVenture - Pack 3
Amie Macejkovic - Pack 133
David Kinde - Pack 144
Jennifer Spafford - Pack 563
Tracey Green - Pack 564
Susan Zielinski - Troop 133
Jason Erickson - Troop 144
George Vondriska - Troop 161
Dawn Wade - Troop 168
Rachelle Kimmes - Troop 534



Brian Biederman - Pack 213
Michelle Youngstrom - Pack 278
Javis Jackson - Troop 534
Troy Bredahl - Troop 140
Jody Olson - Pack 161
Dave Freye - Troop 168
Craig & Sarah Fries - Troop 139
Richard Huebsch - Pack 211
James Verdouw - Pack 145
Linda Larson - Crew 140
Peter Johnson - Crew 144
Chris & Tom Schwalen - Troop 459
Connie Bennett - Troop 133
Kelly Clark - Pack 139
Conrad Botz - Pack 463
Jerry Wolf - Pack 54
Shannon Gallatin - Pack 110
Ann Flynn - Pack 3
Aaron Tomandl - Pack 131
Dawn Holm - Pack 147


District Award of Merit


The District Award of Merit is the highest recognition that a district may bestow on its volunteer leaders.  This award has been presented since 1971 when it replaced the Scouter of the Year Award.  Individuals and units may nominate persons who have made outstanding contributions to the youth of their communities through Scouting and other volunteer or professional work.

The selection committee is made up of past recipients, members of the District Committee and District Commissioner Staff, review the nominations.  A district may present one award for each 25 units if there are qualified individuals are nominated.

CLC - Chief Little Crow, Dak - Dakota, EB - Eagle Bluff, ER - Eagle River, LaC - La Croix, LW - Lake Wanochi, NW - Northwest, WR - Wild River

 District Award of Merit 

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 Stephen Cox, Hudson, ER
Chad Hoyt, Spring Valley, ER
Kevin Trandum, Amery, ER


Bob Baker, North Hudson, ER
Greg Scheder, Somerset, ER
Mike Sietsema, Hastings, ER


Dan Bennett, ER
David Pearson, Clayton, ER
Gerald Thomas, Spring Valley, ER


Rick Cihla, Hastings, ER
Gary Zielinski, Prescott, ER


Bradley Kupczak, Somerset, ER
Charity Lubich, Prescott, ER


Ed Plant, Hastings, ER
Paul McGinnis, Hudson, ER
Carl Meincke, Hudson, ER


Steve Berg, Osceola, WR
Mary Burnt, Amery, WR
James Gaumitz, Hudson, EB
Tom Mariette, Prescott, EB


Sylvia Chattman, Frederic, WR
Dan Oehmke, Hastings, EB
Steve Forrey, Hastings, EB
Lindsey Wallin, Luck, WR


Moynihan, Hastings, EB
Kevin Rector, Osceola, WR
Richard Smith, Hastings, EB
Dan Valentine, Luck, WR


Tammy Falkofske, Prescott, EB
Brenda Kzmarski, Clear Lake, WR
Reg Klubeck, Hudson, EB
Debbie Lyons, New Richmond, WR


William Daher, New Richmond, WR
Earl Heier, Webster, WR
David Sowatzke, Spring Valley, EB
Christopher Tashjian, River Falls, EB


Rose Crabtree, Ellsworth, EB
Diane Welsh, Hudson, EB
Jeff Majeski, Hastings, EB
John Swager, St. Croix Falls, WR
Allen Wampfier, St. Croix Falls, WR


Larry Bloomer, St. Croix Falls, WR
Kathy Gaffer, Hudson, EB
John Krause, Hudson, EB
Hugh Gwin, Hudson, EB
Joe Kouba, Webster, WR


Stuart Krueger, River Falls, EB
Greg Mountain, New Richmond, WR
Mark Swiontek, Osceola, WR
Paul Teeter, Hastings, EB


Roger Finstad, Ellsworth, EB
Galan Maurer, Osceola, WR
Steve Wilcox, Hudson, EB
Steve Wojan, New Richmond, WR


Dale Klawitter, Osceola, WR
Kurt Leichitle, River Falls, EB
Phillip Stromberg, Webster, WR
Dean Roush, St. Croix Falls, WR


Carole Althoff, Team, LW
Jack Herbert, Roberts, LaC
Jean Pociengel, River Falls, LaC
Dan Randall, River Falls, LaC
Rollie Westman, Osceola, LW


Linda Anderson, LW
Carl Braunreiter, Prescott, LaC
Kevin Burgess, Ellsworth, LaC
Dean Roush, St. Croix Falls, LW
Bonnie Timm, Amery, LW


Frank Falkofske, Ellsworth, LaC
Jacque Larson, Frederic, LW



Glen Museus, St. Croix Falls, LW
Dawn Nelson, Siren, LW
Steve Puetz, Frederic, LW


Al Johnson, Team, LW
Gary Johnson, Prescott, LaC
Carol Tabat, Team, LW
Todd Tingblad, Hudson, LaC


Robert Albright, Roberts, LaC
Arther Holle, Osceola, LW
Roger Steiner, Osceola, LW
Jeff Tabat, Team, LW


Judy Johnson, Amery, LW


Gerald Bristol, Ellsworth, LaC
Thomas Schilling, Hudson, LaC


Rose Boettcher, Luck, LW
Douglas Johnson, Prescott, LaC
Bernie Eischen, Hastings, Dak
Al Seidenkranz, LW


Pam (Waterman) Caudy, LW
Richard Oehmke, Hudson, LaC
Susan Reese, River Falls, LaC
Eldon Sanders, Amery, LW
Bob Uhelhoer, Webster, LW


Don Clark, Osceola, LW
Mary Bristol, Ellsworth, LaC
Hilbert Butzke, North Hudson, LaC
Dee Klawitter, Osceola, LW


Phillip Larson, Clayton, LW
Duane Leier, Ellsworth, LaC
Floyd Miller, Prescott, LaC
Mary Ottosen, Amery, LW
Gordon Wyman, Sr., LW
Jim Forrest, Hastings, Dak
Greg LaFavor, Dak


Norman Johnson, Prescott, LaC
Joe Klein, LW
Ronald Lier, Roberts, LaC
Linda Rawlings, North Hudson, LaC
Irving Christnagel, Hastings, Dak
Duane & Diana Sayles, Amery, LW


Ann Dravis, Prescott, LaC
Richard Green, Hudson, LaC
Robert Trudell, Hammond, LaC


Anita Miller, Prescott, LaC


Fred Dravis, Prescott, LaC
Dale Willi, Hudson, LaC
Sandy Albright, Roberts, NW


Charles Huntley, Hudson, LaC
Barbara Leier, Ellsworth, LaC


Sam Garrish, Ellsworth, LaC


Chuck Wendt, Plum City, LaC


Vern Drake, Prescott, LaC
Carol Forrest,Hastings, CLC


Mona Munson, Plum City, LaC


Louise Christianson, Plum City, LaC
Bob Leary, River Falls, LaC
Howard Wilcox, Hudson, LaC


Jean Greenway, Wilson, LaC


Gary Christianson, Maiden Rock, LaC
Clarence Hofmeister, Ellsworth, LaC


Jerry Borner, River Falls, LaC


Lloyd Greenway, Wilson, LaC


Bob Meyers, Glenwood City, LaC


Mr/Mrs Larry Fletcher, Hudson, LaC



Donald Denzer, Ellsworth, LaC


 1972 - 1983

Robert Williamson, Amery, LW
Sam Williamson, Jr., LW
Dave Bieniasz, Amery, LW
John Gehrman, Luck, LW
Tom St. John, LW
Bernard Backes, Amery, LW
Peter Nelton, Balsam Lake, LW
Ernie Vaala
Bob Rawlings
Vince Malmquist
Tim Swenson


Corps of Discovery


Corps of Discovery



The Corps of Discovery is set up to allow Venturing Crews and Ships to recognize their outstanding youth members. Those who have done the most to help the unit grow and develop, and have helped the youth in the discovery of Places, People, Skills, Ideas, and Self are those who should be selected. Each year a unit should hold elections to choose those qualified youth and adult leaders who have done all they can to help the unit improve and move forward.


Marissa C., Crew 54, District VOA VP of Program
Marina T., Crew 140, District VOA VP Administration
Erik S., Crew 140, Crew Guide
Paul McGinnis, Crew 140, Advisor
Linda Larson, Crew 140, Assoc. Advisor


Meghan M., Crew 140, President
Amy L., Crew 140, Secretary
Tracen V., Crew 144, President & District VOA President
Todd Tingblad, District VOA Advisor

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