Sunday, November 18, 2018

Recruiting New Youth Members


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Recruiting is simple if you keep a few things in mind:

Every boy should know how to join Scouting

The single most important part of recruiting is to get the word out so boys know when, where, and how to join. Sometimes we meet a young adult who says "I would have joined Scouting as a kid, but I never got the chance." We don't want this generation of kids to ever say that.

But I want to join Scouting!

Click here to join Scouting. The Council is always ready to help youth join Scouting. Or you may contact anyone in the District and they will help you join Scouting.

Plan Ahead!

Successful recruiting requires planning, publicity, and a fun event for the kids. We can help you arrange it all. Remember the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. With a little planning and preparation, anyone can put on a successful recruting event.

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