Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Northern Star, BSA Insurance Coverage Information


Accident & Sickness Insurance has been purchased through the council for all Packs, Troops, Teams, Crews and Posts. This plan provides coverage for accidental injury, illness, accidental death while participating in any approved and supervised Scouting activity, including going to and from meetings.

All registered youth and adult volunteers are covered. Non-Scouts attending scheduled activities (including group travel to and from such activities) for the purpose of being encouraged to participate in Scouting are also automatically covered.

Additional highlights of the Council-provided policy include:

  • The insurance is secondary to a family’s own coverage, but it will pick up after the family coverage exceeds its policy limit.
  • The policy will cover up to $300 of the family’s deductible from the first dollar of expenses.
  • The policy is primary for any family or Scout with no other insurance coverage.
  • New members are automatically covered as soon as their applications for membership are processed.
  • Traveling to and from a unit meeting or other approved and supervised Scouting activity is covered under this plan.
  • Coverage applies for injuries received while you are at an approved Scouting activity or if a sickness first manifests itself while you are there.
  • If an accident occurs, you should complete the current insurance claim form and file it directly with Health Special Risk Services at the address they provide.

Accident forms can be found on the council website under the forms section at the following addresses:

Incident Accident Claims Form

Incident Accident Brochure

Incident Report Form


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